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Pension Cafe
  • Massage, whirlpool, sauna
  • Free Fitness
  • During your stay
  • Ergoline Solarium
  • Drinks bar

Relaxation centre

This centre is destined for the people, who:

want to form and spruce his/her body in the WEIGHT-TRAININ CENTRE.
In fact, it is not a traditional weight-training with heavy machines and dumb-bells for bodybuilders. All the training machines destined for forming and making perfect the bodies of women as well as men are top-class. A well qualified staff member will be always available during your training. The employees are prepared to answer all your questions connected to the choice of the particular machines and exercises. We tried to fit out the training centre in order to make you feel really well and make your exercise experience as maximum as possible. The weight-training centre is equiped by the high quality spatial sound system Bose with videoprojection. It depends only on you whether you want to listen to your favourite music or watch a film projection. Everything is concentrated on your contentment and perfect experience from the motion.

Weight-training centre
Weight-training centre

like refreshment in the SWIMMING POOL
with salty sea water which is acquired by absolutely new technology coming from Australia. The water does not smell after the chlorine and especially, it is gentle to your skin.

The swimming pool is perfect place destined for the rest of yours, your family and friends. You will enjoy the absolute privacy in our swimming pool, you, your family and friends will be the only users in the same time. Mothers with children can use the swimming pool in the afternoons.

love SAUNA.
It depends on you only, which temperature you prefer and whether you will jump straightly to the swimming pool or will use our special shower after your stay in the sauna. The special shower can spew out a large amount of icy water for the perfect cool down.

want to be perfectly sunbathed by SOLARIUM (Ergoline 400 Turbo) for the whole year. We also offer a large range of solar cosmetics.

love relishing massages of the whole body in the WHIRILING BATH.
The bathtube of Jacuzzi is equiped by large number of nozzles which pleasantly massage whole body. We can mix several aromatic and skin useful fragrant additives according to the customer´s wish.

want to use the service of MASSAGE.
You can choose from several types of massages (classical, aromatic massages etc.) in the place where you will enjoy your absolute privacy.

You can choose a drink to fortify yourself during your visit in the relaxation centre. Our offer contains many drinks: classical, iont or drinks concentrated on special nutrition.
You can arrange all the services according to your individiual demand.
We are looking forward to see you!

Phone.: +420 606 465 432
Operation time:
TU – FR – 14–18.30
SA 13–18.30